ICT stands for Information communication technologies. Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala is an independent cluster of companies, SMEs & Start ups from Uppsala and remote who collaborate for upcoming business ideas from Uppsala. Support provided by partners range from product development, prototyping, mockup, consultation, business mentorship and rapid funding strategies required for individuals or companies at affordable cost.

Business integrated affordable prototyping makes Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala unique hub for start ups to produce and test their products along with relevant technical and business feedbacks for further innovation. Innovative mindset is crucial for ideas to be unique. Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala host innovation experts worked within Disney and Dreamwork for expert advises on design thinking process to make ideas unique and interactive.

Industrial expertise is vital for early stage companies. Our industrial experts from Vattenfall, IBM, Ericsson, Sandvik, Samtrafiken and Trafiklab can guide start ups with relevant resources and networks relevant for their start up Journey.

Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala focus on business advises for clients who have an innovative business idea based on digital &/or electronics products. Business verification is curial part for start ups or SMEs entering into new markets or assessing viability of technologies for cities like Uppsala. Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala verifies their business cases for specific markets identified by clients.

Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala help SMEs and start ups to produce mockups and prototypes by keeping in mind their core business model & business values. Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala is centrally located in Uppsala, tightly packed with highly competent advisors and industrially skilled developers working synchronously with innovative technologies within sustainability, health, society, education, telecom, energy, smart cities, food industries, fashion industries and more.

Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala has in house network of Tech start ups & SMEs based in Uppsala, who can guide businesses from Uppsala with generous amount of time to support new business creation and employment in Uppsala.

Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala is one of the first cluster of SMEs & start ups from Uppsala and remote, who can provide affordable business advises, funding strategies, prototypes and mockups for start ups and mature companies. Keeping in mind further scale up strategies and funding possibilities that can be availed in later stages of business development.

Start up journey along with Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala provides free 5 hours of fund raising consultation and one hour of Innovation consultation to make sure start up are aware of latest technologies available in market and how to combine or build new technologies based on inspiration provided for start ups. Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala is aware of precious time start ups have, in house advisors & rapid prototyping agents would be notified about the same in case of urgent prototypes or modules required with specific changes. Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala is generous, agile, highly united, knowledgeable, rapid for urgent needs within start up.