ICT stands for Information communication technologies. Nordic ICT LAB Uppsala is an independent cluster of companies, SMEs & Start ups from Uppsala and remote who collaborate for upcoming business ideas from Uppsala. Support provided by partners range from product development, prototyping, mockup, consultation, business mentorship and rapid funding strategies required for individuals or companies at affordable cost.


End-To- End IoT Solutions.

Rapid Prototyping.

IoT Consultation.

10 Years of Expertise.

Helped 350 + Start Ups in Uppsala.

In House Tech Skills

Next to Stadsbiblioteket in Uppsala, Sweden.

Inspirational Industrial IoT (IIoT) Cases

Awards & Recognitions from Sweden

Start Up Growth LAB Uppsala, Sweden.

Hear What Sweden Says About Founder.

Designed in Sweden

Why choose our product development service?

  • Worked with 350 + Start ups & 30 + large scale companies in Uppsala.
  • 10 years of expertise within digital & electronics product development.
  • Corporate project management tools are used.
  • Latest technologies are used for product development.
  • Customer engagement in full product cycle.
  • High end confidentiality of idea & product.
  • End-to-End product documentation.
  • Tailor made operating manual of end product.
  • On time product delivery.
  • Cost effective.

Nordic ICT LAB ScaleUp Locations



Nordic ICT LAB, Coworkcity, St.Per Gallerian, Uppsala City, Sweden – 75320
(30 mins from Stockholm City)